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By Lasse, 06/08/2014

The Haiku Detective

Lasse Hjorth Madsen’s new crime novel, The Haiku Detective, tells the surprising story of Matias Kaa, a 37-year-old financial controller, who is struggling with his social disability while spening work hours reading haiku-poems.

His lone wolf existence is turned upside down, when Matias’s boss, Victor Staun, commits suicide in the middle of the office. Matias is now forced into a power struggle at his workplace and decides, along with the journalism intern Josefine, to find out the truth about Stauns’s death.

But Matias and Josefine find themselves powerless against the inferno of catastrophes their investigations initiates. Soon Matias is faced with an unscrupulous therapist, a sexual sadist, a ruthless crime syndicate, his own unstable psyche, and hardest of all: love.

The Haiku Detective is a fast-paced nightmare of a crime novel, filled with dry humor in a well known environment, but where violence, psychopathy and misuse of power trickles out whenever your back is turned.

The Edge

Lasse Hjorth Madsen’s novel, The Edge, is a thrilling story about a woman, 36-year old Marion, who decides to uproot her life in urban Copenhagen and start fresh on the windy west coast of Denmark – in a tiny town called Nørre Næsby in rural Jutland.

Marion is driven by the idea of opening a small shop in the tiny village. A shop selling choice organic snacks and fair trade coffee. Marion arrives filled with confidence and believes she will be received well in the small community. She is horribly mistaken, however, and slowly but surely she is driven into a web of intrigue and lies – a world where everybody has their secrets.

The title refers both to the location at the edge of Denmark, but also to the edge of insanity, where Marion is soon to find herself. The Edge is a quiet but horrifying story that will resonate with anyone who’s ever tried to fit in a place they did not belong.

The author

Lasse Hjorth Madsen (born 1970) is a new voice in Danish fiction, The Haiku Detective being his third novel. He published his first book, PR, in 2007. He holds a Masters Degree on Political Science from the University of Aarhus and works as a data scientist when he’s not busy writing fiction. Lasse Hjorth Madsen has a special talent when it comes to portraying the darkest sides of us – the reader is confronted with the kind of evil that we all deny exists.


All three books have received favorable reviews, both complimenting the stories and the great writing talent. A sample review for The Edge is translated into English here.

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